Yoshiki Hase started his career as a photographer in New York, and spent seven years of activities before returning back to Tokyo in 2006, and has been actively exhibiting his series of artworks.

In his 181° series, Hase experimented a new horizon of harmony in the landscape where he added a three-dimensional composition built by himself in the series 181°, which will be showcased
in this solo exhibition for its the very first time in Bangkok, Thailand.

This series of photographs which include handmade, geometric objects physically inserted into an expansive landscape, depicting human creativity against a backdrop that is largely undefined and
difficult to pin down. Some of these objects are occasionally surreal and suggestive. By placing objects into these physical spaces, the onlooker intermittently experiences peculiar instances of visual harmony. It’s here that an entirely new scenery emerges from this cross-section of will and nature.

Curated by Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit, 181° exhibition opens 21 Nov and runs until 2 Jan at RCB Galleria on the 2nd floor. ENTRY FREE