Sand by Tim Pelling

Long used as a means of measuring itself, sand is immeasurable, infinite and easily obtained although being exhausted. We build our cities with it, our phones consume it, our computers are based on it, the windows we look through are made from it. Today, river banks are collapsing, fish stocks depleting, entire ecosystems at risk in the rush to get more of it. These images explore the past, the future, the shape of land made with sand and changing because of it.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, artist Tim Pelling explores the world through the lens of his camera. Following graduation from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 1985, he worked in the West Coast city for a decade. Then came his career-defining move to Asia, which has been his base for the past 20 years. His assignments and stories have taken him around the globe and his work has been widely published.

He is motivated by a simple philosophy: keep things simple and succinct. That approach applies to leading a large crew or working alone in the field. He is equally motivated by a challenge. Trying to resolve contextual issues in tricky locations, defying grim weather conditions, accommodating cultural ambiguities, or tackling demanding subject matter like environmental degradation – the challenge makes the subject and the story that much more powerful in the end.

On show from 11 Dec until 29 Feb at RCB Photographers' Gallery on the 2nd floor. Entry free.