Kantapon Metheekul known as Gongkan is a talented Thai artist who lives between Bangkok and New York. His signature work  - “Teleport” – conveys a subtle meaning and brings a newly found dimension. River City Bangkok is proud to present Gongkan’s latest and largest exhibition so far in his prolific career: “YESTERTODAYMORROW” which is presented in three rooms within the RCB Galleria: Timeless, Dining, and Insomnia. Peer into the sentimental diary of his private life. On show at RCB Galleria, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok from 21 Nov until 9 Jan. ENTRY FREE.

About the artist
Gongkan (Kantapon Metheekul) graduated from the school of arts at  Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Shortly thereafter, Gongkan moved to New York where he spent 3 years working in creative departments of advertising agencies. In his spare time, he created street art and illustrations centred on the idea of him being transported through time and space to his homeland. His work, which he named “Teleport Art”, gained notoriety in the New York street art scene.

Living in New York, he witnessed everyday life in the material world: people striving for a better life, gender and equality. The hope in an ultimate utopia being found by the subject of his art being found through a black hole.

Gongkan’s art incorporates unique symbols  such as the sky, transformation of one object to another including a free-spirited form like river flows. Every single element is a referent of freedom, balance of life, and peace.

Gongkan works in various media and materials: sculptures, paintings. His work has been shown around the world, in New York, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

The Concept
Humans would think that we are mightier than anything else in the world, despite being under an overbearing control of time. Over time our lives are shaped into being how and what we are in the present. In a pinch of time, we blissfully taste happiness, misery, and the enlivening of reality itself, while the future is a fanciful hope, unknown of its possibilities.

Gongkan treats his own time as if it were a river flowing one direction. Clear water is like a perfect life despite its ambiguous reflection. Ambiguity makes imagination pair itself to the hope and strength to encounter what will happen in the future that is to come.

If we were in control of time itself, everything will serve our desire. However, the predictability of life would not bring us the joy and the color that comes with it.

About the exhibition
“YESTERTODAYMORROW” is presented in three rooms within the RCB Galleria: Timeless, Dining, and Insomnia.

With of our digital life and the city’s harsh environment, it feels like the world is moving faster by the day. All we do is chasing after what is around us. No time to ask ourselves whether it’s worth the effort or not; whether it makes us happy or not.

In this room Gongkan has built a virtual realm where time stands still. Past, present, and future overlap becoming one. When everything is paused, there is time for a self-recognition once again. 

Dining Room
In Gongkan’s childhood, the dining table was a place of misery. There wasn’t a meal where he and his family weren’t at each other’s throats.  More like a boxing ring than a dining room, the interaction between he and his parents always contentious. Sometimes his ideas would lead to violent disagreement.  Now he no longer dines with his family in the house. The dining table turns into emptiness and solitude.

Gongkan is often subjected to chronic insomnia, his mind unable to turn off: a living nightmare. Staring in the room full of darkness but the pictures in his head so bright. An injured soul, stressed with concerns about his future, obstruct his body from moving forward. His body is eventually as broken as his mind. The only way out is to stay in the moment. But that is easy to say, hard to do.