Classic Car exhibition

Following continuous success for two years, River City Bangkok is pleased to present Classic Car exhibition in a mesmerizing theme.
Initiated by Siam Setthabut, a well respected collector who was in discussion two years ago with Linda Cheng, Managing Director of River City Bangkok, this promising exhibition is accessible for  everyone peering into some rare and vintage cars. Mr. Siam’s passion in classic cars since his childhood was inherited from his beloved father, Mr. Aksorn Setthabut who was an avid classic car collector. Mr. Siam also loves restoring old cars to be in use again.

Moreover, he is the President of Mercedes-Benz Club (Thailand) and classic car collectors. The community was bringing together a large compilation of classic cars showcased at River City Bangkok two years ago. Those were some remarkable models in 1950s-1960s distinguished in rarity and uniqueness. The objective is not only to encourage young people and tourists peering into exquisite and rare classic cars but also to educate them. The two consecutive years of showcases resulted in satisfactory outcomes.

For this year, this event is even more special due to its colorfulness and rarity. The lineup includes those most loved ones curated by Mr. Siam and classic car lovers. Some will be showcased at River City Bangkok for the first time.

Classic Car exhibition is on show from 19 February until 8 March at RCB Artery on the 1st floor. Free admission.