Tube Gallery's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Tube Gallery 20th Anniversary Celebration
‘The World of Tube Gallery’ Fashion Exhibition
@River City Bangkok
Opening for Public from 22 Feb-20 May 2020 at RCB Galleria (2nd fl.)
Having experienced in the world of fashion design for more than 20 years, Phisit and Saxit have curated their own brand’s characteristics to be exhibited in ‘The world of Tube Gallery’. In the very exhibition, different silhouettes of different collections created by Tube Gallery in the past and present time will be on exhibition. Some of them have been collected in their own archive and others were owned by various celebrities, which have not been shown before. Visitors will enjoy travelling through the Tube Gallery’s history.  Apart from the exhibition, the new collection will also be launched. The specialty of Tube Gallery 20th anniversary in 2020 was inspired by the art works created by Ploy Kasom, a young-gen artist and combined with the maximumlism of the brand’s creative directors! The opening of exhibition will be held on February 21, 2020, RCB Gallery, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok (by invitation only). Guests will later enjoy the party held at the rooftop with a special show by the renown drag queen Panpan Nagaprasert and beautiful songs by a diva of Thailand Kam Wichayanee as well as Thailand superstar Bie Sukrit.