Flower Talk

Back in 2017, River City Bangkok was hosting an art exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. Following an idea initiated by Mr. Charnchai Siriwittayacharoen from Pagoda Art who proposes a meaningful comparison between women and flowers. This idea is inspired by a famous magazine featuring an article about the Victorian Era where flower was regarded as a communication tool to express feelings. There was even a flower dictionary published in the United Kingdom to make people understand flower language correctly. Mr. Charnchai loves the story and developed it into this main concept of Flower Talk exhibition.

As a curator, Mr. Chanchai, the founder of Pagoda Art, gathered 20 female professional and amateur artists ranged from young to middle aged from different background. Students, new graduates, housewives are parts of this Flower Talk. He wants to give the opportunity to not only professional but also amateur artists including ladies from hill tribes in remote areas to unveil their talent. For him, this exhibition is more like a “Flower Party” that everyone who has a love for art can join, regardless of backgrounds and boundaries. Mr. Charnchai said “I believe in art made from love, from passionate artists, and to the world is more than enough."

Flower Talk will be exhibited from 14 to 30 April 2020 on 1st and 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.