In commemoration of Gustav Klimt

In commemoration of Gustav Klimt passing away on 6 February 1918

Suffering from a stroke that left him partially paralyzed, Gustav Klimt was dead today back in 1918. His paintings have been acclaimed as the most expensive ones such as Wasserschlangen II, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I and Adele Bloch-Bauer II.

Last month, Portrait of a Lady stolen from the gallery more than 20 years ago was found in Italy. Experts have verified it as an original work of Gustav Klimt.

The discovery started when a gardener at the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery in the northern city of Piacenza who was clearing away ivy on Dec 10 noticed a small panel door on a wall outside and opened it. Inside the space, he found a plastic bag containing a painting that appeared to be the missing masterpiece.

Since the gardener’s discovery, the canvas had been kept in the Italian bank while experts used infrared radiation and other techniques to determine if it was the original Portrait of a Lady. Experts said the painting was in remarkably good condition. One of the few signs of damage was a scratch near the edge of the canvas that may have resulted from removing the portrait from its frame.

Portrait of a Lady depicts a young woman surrounded by a dreamy moss green background. Klimt finished it in 1917, the year before he died. The Ricci Oddi gallery acquired it in 1925 and reported it missing in February 1997.
It is estimated that this 55-by-65-centimeter painting could be worth between 60 and 100 million euros. Created in 1917, this is Klimt’s remarkable work at the end of his life. By the time of his death, various strands of modern art including Cubism, Futurism, Dada and Constructivism had all captured the attention of creative Europeans. Klimt still focused on human and natural forms such as Death and Life painting.

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