Flower Talk

Here comes a​ delightful season and blooming flowers!

Let​ art​ heal your​ soul!
Dedicated​ for​ the month of
International​ Women's Day, Flower​ Talk​ is an exhibition that gathers​ 20 talented female artists from​ different​ walks of​ life, curated by Khun Charnchai Siriwittayacharoen from​ Pagoda​ Art.

Come and enjoy the beauty of “flowers” in​ myriad​ interpretation​s from today until 30 April 2020. Free entry.

14-21 March at RCB Artery (1st floor), Room 242 and 237 (2nd floor).

22-28 March at RCB Artery (1st floor), Room 242, 237 and RCB Galleria 3 (2nd floor)