In​ conversation​ with​ Yoon Phannapast Taychamaythakool and​ her​ inspiration​ from​ antique​ collectibles.

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We were delighted to meet with khun Yoon Phannapast Taychamaythakool, a famous illustrator who has worked with the world famous brand Gucci. She was also the former Creative Director for Kloset. We talked with her in the late afternoon of an easy day after lunch and coffee at Chao Phraya riverside of #RiverCityBangkok

Then, we accompanied her to search for an inspiration from more than 100-year-old porcelains and these beautiful blue and white Chinese potteries at River City Bangkok. She told us that “I love color and refined lines of these porcelains.

People in the old time could produce such marvelous masterpieces without any machines. I learn and gain inspiration from these valuable works.

The first shop is Hong Antique. After looking around, she fell in love with the unique tea pot and tea cup because of their beautiful lines and bright color.
Another item was turnip-shaped vase full of good meaning recommended by Khun Pun – Ketsarin Seabe, a daughter of Mr. Hong, the senior of Thailand Antique society and the former 5 years president of Thai Antique Association. As the owner of Hong Antique, she explained some more information on these valuable antiques.

Anyone who loves and needs to learn about antiques can visit and share your knowledge at Hong Antique on the 4th floor of River City Bangkok.

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