DECH Gallery

DECH Gallery is the perfect place for antique lovers and collectors to explore.  There you will find a wide range of antiques from Asia and around the world: from sculpture and ceramics, plates and vases, objet d’arts to decorate your home and rare Japanese Samurai armors.

The Samurai, ancient warriors of Japan, date back to the Heian period (c. 794 - 1185). In those days, samurai were employed by the emperors to subdue minorities in the northeast region of Japan. The word "samurai" is derived from "saburau" meaning "to serve". 

Until the Edo period (date), when Japan was peaceful and there were no domestic wars, lessening the need for Samurai. In 1868, feudal rules finally ended.

Stories about Samurai also disappeared.  The only sign of them today are expertly crafted weapons and elaborately embellished armor. 

Samurai battles were called the ‘spirit of steel’. Samurai armor was made of thin steel sheets assembled together, threaded with silk or rope and many other pieces that can be worn and separated. Armor plate was cleverly designed to have a thickness of more than one layer. An inner layer of soft steel to help absorb possible heavy force in combat. The outer, stronger steel layer to repel sharp objects.  The armor was finished by polishing the armor with multiple coats of oil to prevent it from rusting when exposed to rain, snow and water in rivers and lakes. 

To learn more about the Samurai armor and weapons, visit DECH Gallery, Rooms 447-448 on the 4th Floor of River City Bangkok.

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