Teleport Yourself

YESTERTODAYMORROW, Gongkan’s most recent sell-out exhibition at River City Bangkok was a glimpse into his world. If you saw it, you’ll know how the artist imagines teleporting himself and others to different worlds through the black, teleport disc. It’s Gongkan’s vehicle for self-reflection: a look back to his past, an opportunity to capture the present, and imagine his future.

Imagination is important to develop and exercise during these long days of self-isolation and social distancing. So why not let your mind wander somewhere as the artists Gongkan does? If you need a little stimulus, the RCB Gallery Shop still has Gongkan merchandise from his exhibition. Buy for you or send it as a surprise to a special friend.

Whilst you wait for Gongkan’s new exhibition in June, teleport yourself to somewhere you want to be.

- Teleport t-shirt
- Tote bag with 4 screens (Shade of Summer, Disap-Pear, Lake of Clouds, and Midnight Sunray) is selectable.
- Pin with the same screen as your selected tote bag

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