Himalayan Treasures

The Himalayas marks the border between Nepal and Tibet and is where you will find Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth. In Sanskrit, Himalayas means ‘abode of snow’.

Come with us as we explore Himalayan Treasures, the store full of the cultural richness of Tibet and Nepal, for more than 10 years located on 3rd floor, River City Bangkok.

Himalayan Treasures  has the finest collection of authentic Tibetan furniture: cabinets, trunks, tables, door panels, door sets, and pillar sets. The owner, Chewang Sherpa also carries a number of special bronze masks that date back to the 18th – 20th centuries. Each with a meaning which he will explain.

Mr. Chewang, himself from Nepal, has a wealth of knowledge about the tradition and culture of the Himalayas and the origins of the furniture he stocks. He selects the finest quality and originality and is passionate about preserving antiques of his culture.

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