Kashmir House

The exceptional craftsmanship of Kashmir are world famous. The delicate textiles, papier-mâché, and carpets decorate palaces and homes where ever you travel. 

Kashmir House has a wide selection of Kashmir rugs and carpets, known for their intricate designs, floral oriental style, woven in a kaleidoscope of colours, of different sizes and quality of finish – some made of pure wool, some of pure silk, or occasionally a wool and silk blend. Kashmir carpets are considered as a lifetime investment, passed from generation to generations. Select from the simple designs to the most extraordinarily intricate patterns – highly sought-after artworks by connoisseurs from around the world.

At Kashmir House you will also find Kashmiri shawls - Pashminas made from the finest wool and the most expensive Pashtoosh. 

There are also papier-mâché jewelry boxes, beautiful handcrafted elephants and other remarkable handicrafts objects of Kashmir.

All this and more at Kashmir House on the 1st floor of River City Bangkok.

For more information, please contact  [email protected]