Andy Warhol Photos Under the Hammer for Covid-19 Relief

“You need to let the little things suddenly thrill you” said Andy Warhol.

This may be the reasons he ended up taking 130,000 photos with just compact Minox 35 alone. 

In these couple months, the COVID-19 situation has interrupted many business operations, forcing the town to lock down and people to stay home. Artists are one among those who got effected by this crisis. As gathering in public area are not allowed, exhibitions and galleries are closed, the artists lost the biggest channel to show their talents. 

Christie’s Auction House (founded in 1766) took the action to support by hosting the online auctions. The recent one was the collaboration between Christie’s and Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts “Andy Warhol: Better Days”, running from April 28 through May 6. The collection bid result ended at 272,125 USD (approximately 8,753,850 THB). The funds will be contributed to the Foundation’s endowment to support artist-centered organizations, the creation of new work, and projects that make significant contributions to the visual arts field.

Andy Warhol: Better Days featured 60 photographs captured by Andy Warhol with his compact Minox 35 and Polaroid instant camera. The photographs in this lot were selected by Michael Dayton Hermann, director of licensing, marketing and sales at the Warhol Foundation. 


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