Andy Warhol: Style Icon Ep. 1

Warhol and His Hair

Artists like Madonna, David Bowie, and Audrey Hepburn where celebrated as fashion icons in addition to their contributions to music and film. Andy Warhol, the pop art icon of the 20th Century, is also known for his unique personal style. Let’s start at the top… Warhol’s head.

When Warhol dyed his hair grey in his early twenties he created his signature look. He noted in his 1975 book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A To B And Back Again), “When you’ve got grey hair, every move you make seems young and spry”. He had tried many hair colours before settling on silver grey, believing that If you looked old all the time, no one would know how old you were.

In the 1950’s, when he started going bald, Warhol began wearing wigs. His wigs were bespoke hairpieces made in New York by Paul Bochicchio with hair imported from Italy, the label often visible. 

When going out, wigs became his favorite items - like a must-have pair of sunglasses. But, his worst nightmare came true when a woman at a New York book signing snatched his wig. He also framed one of his wigs and gave it as a work of art to his fellow artist, Basquiat. In 2006, the auction house, Christie’s sold it for $10,600 or around 340,000 Baht.

Warhol amassed more than 100 wigs, which he never threw a wig away. Forty of them are in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.


Stay tuned with more anecdotes on Andy Warhol and his style. Do you think you can pick his favorite sunglasses?

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