Andy’s Cookbook

Bored at home? No idea what food to order? Take this self-isolation period as an opportunity to invent some new recipes!

Andy Warhol may be famous from his creation of pop art, performing art, filmmaking, video installation and writing, but did you know that he wrote his very own cookbook!?

In 1959, Andy Warhol got together with his friend Suzie Frankfurt, an interior designer, to create a cookbook called “Wild Raspberries”. The intention was to mock those who take culinary way too seriously by following the exact instructions in mass-produced French cuisine cookbooks. They invented the recipes together, Warhol illustrated them and Julia Warhola, his mother, took part in calligraphy.

There were many intentional misspellings in the recipes for example “Piglet a la Trader Vic’s,” which instructs the “chef” to send a chauffeur to the Plaza Hotel’s restaurant and order a suckling pig to go, and “Omelet Greta Garbo” recipe, which ends with the instruction, “Always to be eaten alone in a candlelit room”.

As they decided to do everything by hands, in the end, they could only produce 34 copies of full-color cookbooks. Unfortunately, this book did not gain much attention from the world at that time, so they decided to give the rest away as Christmas presents for their friends and families instead.

What about you? Have you ever invented any recipes?

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