How To Create Artworks Like Warhol.

Bored at home? Don’t know what to do? Let’s create some arts! 

How to create artworks like Warhol.

Andy Warhol was known as the icon of Pop Art. He introduced the pop art to the world with his unique style and perspective at a time of growth, development and increased public appetite for advertising, filmmaking, television, books, magazine and fashion. 

Here are some tips for you of to create pop art like Warhol.

Turn familiar objects to art


Art is all around you. Warhol was good at turning the ordinary everyday objects such as Coca-Cola, Brillo and Campbell’s Soup to a piece of art. Take his idea and the guidance and create one of yours! It can be anything! You can try starting from your favorite food or drinks! 

Things to think about

  • What will it be called?

  • Should the object be bright and bold or cool and dark?

  • How would it look in the supermarket?

Take a selfie

Warhol created a lot of silkscreen portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Mao Ze-Dong and Elvis Presley. All of them became his most recognized works. Give it a try and making your everyday life selfie into an artwork just like Warhol’s! You will only need a smartphone, a printer, 6 colored pens or pencils and colored paper!

Here are the 3 steps to follow:

1. Take a selfie and print it out 6 times in black and white.

2. Use just 2 coloring pencils to color on each selfie in your hair, face and eyes.

3. Cut the selfie out when it once colored and stick them on a sheet of colored paper side by side.

Try to make yours and show us your work in the comment, we would love to see your art!