Van Gogh. Life and Art Multimedia Exhibition


“For my part, I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

River City Bangkok will reopen in June with the multimedia exhibition: Van Gogh: Life and Art (opens Thursday 4 June).
Unfortunately this means those holding Something Nouveau tickets will not be able to see this exhibtion. Instead, you can use your tickets to immerse yourself in Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh painting “The Starry Night” along with so many other masterpieces influenced the history of art. The story of his dramatic life has intrigued people around the world ever since. Van Gogh did not graduate from an art school. In fact, he was a preacher before he made a decision to become an artist at the age of 27.

In his short 10 years as an artist (Van Gogh died at the age of 37), he painted more than 900 paintings and a copious quantity of drawings and sketches. Some said he created new paintings every 36 hours!

The paintings of Van Gogh can be found in public galleries and private collections around the world. To show them in one exhibition would be an impossible challenge. Perhaps only a modern multimedia format is capable of this.
The immersive exhibition: “Van Gogh. Life and Art” provides the visitor a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the story and works of this master of the impressionist period. From his first naive coal sketches though to his very last masterpiece. The huge screens provide an immersive experience where visitors to the exhibition can examine his famous dramatic brushstrokes in meticulous details.

His masterpieces: Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, The Starry Night, Sunflowers, Vincent's Chair with His Pipe, Bedroom in Arles, and Café Terrace at Night among others.

The exhibition also contains Van Gogh epistolary oeuvre: the artist’s quotes about his own life and paintings from the letters to his brother Theo let the viewers understand the life and art of the great master straight from the source.

This 40-minute projection of his masterpieces is accompanied by beautiful music.

Van Gogh. Life and Art multimedia exhibition will run from 4 June – 31 December 2020 at MODA Gallery, River City Bangkok.

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