The Conversation of Time

The Conversation of Time

… Don’t say that you have no time for your loved ones. A river has no return when it becomes too late ….

The coronavirus pandemic provides lessons for each of us and future generations. Some of the greatest cities in the world brought to their knees, hundreds of thousands losing their lives. A time of reckoning, a time to reassess our values. What is important, what do we cherish, who do we want in our lives?

The National Artist, Chawalit Soemprungsuk succumbed to COVID19, passing away on 27 April 2020. A tragic loss for his family, friends Thailand’s art society and the Nation.

Charnchai Siriwittayacharoen of Pagoda Art, a respected member of Thailand’s art community, for many years has struggled with chronic illness. The death of Chawalit has inspired him to mount his latest exhibition, The Conversation of Time.

This thought-provoking exhibition brings together paintings by a number of different Thai artists such as Kongpop Benjanirat, Atchalee Kesornsook, Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Thepsakdi Thongnopkoon, Thanarit Thipwaree, Supamas Taveechotipart, and Chainarong Kongklin. The list also includes Daeng Buasan, who from childhood has passionately painted about Buddhism. Unique in style, his paintings are laden with religious precepts: the circle of life from birth to death. His meticulous strokes inviting us to engage in the conversation with time.

The exhibition includes three portraits of Chawalit Soemprungsuk by Punita Meeboonsabai, Kongpop Benjanirat, and Thanarit Thipwaree.

The Conversation of Time is free admission on 4-30 June at Room 237, 242, and RCB Galleria 3.

The occupancy policy only allows a maximum of 25 visitors at a time.
Our preventive measures inside the galleries are as follows.
- Visitors are required to wear masks.
- Sanitizing hand gel is available.
- Social distancing of 1.5 meters.