The exhibition that gathers the works from all art lovers during the quarantine.

While the world was in lockdown in response to Coronavirus, we all spent weeks at home in self-isolation. During this period, River City Bangkok launched a campaign which we called #artnodistance and invited everyone, not just professional artists, to create their own artworks at home.  We believed that art could heal your soul. Judging from the submissions and comments from those who participated, we were correct. Perhaps, when we have more time with ourselves, we accidentally found our hidden talents; the ability to see things around you as an art, and the ability to turn everything around you to a piece of art. We have received the artworks from both professional artists and amateur artists at all ages. Moreover, River City Bangkok is honored to have reputable artists contributing to this creative online campaign that will highly inspire emerging artists and everyone.

Now some selected #artnodistance artworks are exhibited, featuring 7 categories based on their concepts which are self-reflection, new activities, Covid-19 and masks, the city, conceptualism, love expression and escape.

Opens 9 July 2020 at RCB Galleria 3 & Rooms 242-243, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.  Free entry