Project Rattan

Looking for tropical furniture for your home?
Project Rattan is an exhibition of furniture design and Thai rattan craftsmanship borne out of Enter Projects Asia during the recent period of lockdown due to the coronavirus that swept the world. All elements of the project are made from natural, local materials: Thai hardwood, local black slate, bamboo and most notably, rattan.  The result is an exhibition of captivating calmness, cloaked in quiet contentment - an oasis of tranquility amongst the chaos of Bangkok.
Rattan is a craft developed over centuries by villagers in the northern and southern provinces of Thailand.  Having worked directly with the village craftsmen, founder of Enter Projects Asia Patrick Keane felt a responsibility to keep the history of these Thai traditional arts and crafts alive, in turn, supporting the local economy and protecting the environment.
In a market that is saturated with cheaper, inferior, and imported plastic products, Project Rattan builds a bridge for designers to connect with locally craftsmen and factory workers of rattan and bamboo. By fusing high-tech digital design and low-tech hand-made furniture, Rattan Project bring beautiful, bespoke furniture that is ethically made, toxic free and custom designed to a discerning international market.
In the year to date, stories about Rattan Project have been published in nine countries with critical acclaim from industry titles such as Interior Design New York Magazine, Wallpaper UK Magazine & AD Russia Magazine.
On show at Room 342-343 on the 3rd floor. Free entry.