Human, Nature, Dream and Imagination

Human, Nature, Dream, and Imagination
19 Oct - 13 Dec 2020
RCB Galleria 3, Room 249 – 250 (2nd floor).
Free admission
The affects of climate change on our world and humanity underscore man’s interconnectedness to nature. Since man first painted their murals on their cave walls, artists have been inspired by nature and their surroundings and depicted the environment through dreams and imagination onto everything from stone surfaces to canvas.
Human - Nature Dream and Imagination exhibition will bring you to explore the relationship of human beings, nature, dreams, and imagination from the perspective of four Thai artists: Niam Surachai Mawornkanong, Thanwa Huangsmut, Ekarat Aroonrat, and Sudrak Khongpuang. Through a total of 44 artworks, the artists express their identities, experiences, and perspectives - using different techniques that encourage you look back and consider the power of nature in a way that you have never imagined before.