Bangkok Dreamscapes

17 December 2020 - 17 February 2021

Bangkok Dreamscapes
Marcelo von Schwartz
The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.
Jorge Luis Borges
I want to see in a picture the things I can’t imagine.

More than a photograph on a place or buildings, I’m interested to dive inside the world of dreams and emotions. I believe dreams and emotions can be viewed as reality of another kind. Many different coexisting layers from the past, present and future, compose this reality.

While many photographers reflect the most apparent visions, I try to get the emotions lying underneath the place I am photographing. Maybe because of my background as architect, I tend to create an emotional bond with the buildings and places I visit. And an emotional message is what I get from every place I visit, from every building I explore. Therefore, my work isn’t a re-presentation of a formal appearance but a re-creation of a wide range of emotional inputs placed in another dimension, as if it is coming from a dream.

With my architectural photographs of nonexistent spaces, I try to reflect a tension inherent in representing three-dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. Unlike Renaissance painters who strived to reproduce a world in which image and reality were indistinguishable, I tend to load all these recognizable images with many references to utopian -and dystopian- architectures.
I like to play games with people viewing my photographs similar to what a musician or architect will do. Inspired by universes written by Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino, I like to explore such abstract ideas as eternity, dreams, infinity and the impossible. I aim to create a journey of discovery where images become a continuous play of interwoven impossible spaces and perspectives, both strange and possible in an imaginary future…or in a dream.

Bangkok is a giant that is constantly changing its skin, a giant that never stops moving, never stops growing and transforming. Bangkok Dreamscapes presents those changes, those transformations as if they were part of an infinite and uncompressible narrative without beginning or end, more typical of a strange dream than of reality.
   Marcelo von Schwartz, Bangkok 2020

Venue: Galleria 3, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok. Free Admission

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Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
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