Undressed to Dress Up

Ping Hatta’s new series of fashion portraits reflect her self-(re)discovery process during the Covid19. With canceled plans and not being able to travel back to New York indefinitely, Ping used this challenging time to contemplate on not only about the global impact of the pandemic, but also how it “undressed” her career and her life on a personal level.

“This cosmic reset is bigger than our inconvenience, our personal hardships, and it definitely changes the fashion landscape. I had to pause and reflect deeply: What kind of life do I want to live? Does my work align with my values? What does “fashion illustration” means to me? In a way, thanks to Covid19, I rediscover myself and my art again – metaphorically speaking, I “Undressed” my old limiting beliefs and letting go of what no longer serves me, and “Dress (myself) Up” with what I want to put out there to the world.”

In this series, Ping’s work redefines “fashion illustration” – an area traditionally home to long-legged figures, often Caucasian, holding model poses or strutting down runways. She focuses on the relationship between contemporary fashion and its impact on how a woman carries herself: well-dressed with an attitude of self-awareness and an aura of confidence. There is no specific muse in the paintings — the empowered attitude, the appreciation of real female form, and representing diverse beauty is what Ping always adhere to.

About Artist
Piamrak Hattakitkosol, or “Ping Hatta” in short, is a Thai illustrator, artist, living in New York City and Bangkok. She also partners with brands as a live-portrait artist, adding that special touch to any corporate events, launches, fashion shows. Her works explore topics involving relationships involving fashion, womanhood, culture, subtle experiences, dreams, and mystics, and attempting to translate those things intuitively into visual form. Ping works across various mediums, including gouache, embroidery, linocut printmaking, and digital. Her illustrations have been widely published internationally in British Vogue, ELLE Thailand, Marie Claire Mexico, L’Officiel Malaysia, and brands such as Jo Malone London, Sephora, and many others.