Who put Impressionists on the map?

Who put Impressionists on the map?

River City Film Club invites you to watch the documentary The Impressionists – and the Man Who Made Them with us on Saturday 14 November. 

Unsure of what the Impressionist art movement is? French artist, Claude Monet and his painting ‘Woman with Parasol’ might ring you a bell. You might recall that Monet featured as one of the 16 artists in River City’s immersive exhibition, ‘From Monet to Kandinsky’. Other artists in the exhibition included Degas and his ‘Dancing Class’, Renoir and his ‘Luncheon at the Boating Lake’, and Paul Cezanne’s ‘The Card Players in 1890’ which sold for a world-record price of $259 million in 2011.

We have no wonder about their artistic talent but who actually put them on the map?

Impressionists artists introduced a new method of work by going outside and spontaneously capturing a real-time moment resulting in light effects and color as major characteristics of this art movement. However, this style of painting was not popular at the time until Parisian art dealer and collector Paul Durand-Ruel brought together more than 300 paintings of numerous ‘Impressionist artists’ in an exhibition at National Academy of Design in New York in 1886. In doing so, it introduced wealthy Americans to this modern French painting movement.

The collection was sold within a few weeks, and as a result, Impressionism gained its recognition in Europe.

Actually, the term “impressionism” is credited to Monet and his painting ‘Impression Sunrise’. Paul Durand-Ruel is considered the godfather of Impressionism, bringing the movement to the world stage in the 19th century.

‘The Impressionists – and the Man Who Made Them’ is a documentary set in Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Screenings on Saturday of 14 and 21 November at 6 p.m in RCB Forum on the 2nd floor of River City Bangkok

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The Dancing Class (1870) by Edgar Degas

The Card Players (1890-1892) by Paul Cezanne

Paul Durand-Ruel

Impression, Sunrise (1872) by Claude Monet