A Brief History of [some crazy] Visionary Architects
"A brief history of [some crazy] visionary architects"
 A talk and exhibition tour by Marcelo von Schwartz
Date: Saturday 16 January 2021, 5 p.m. 
Venue: RCB Forum, 2nd floor at River City Bangkok 
We live in a world already imagined many years ago. The history of architecture is the sum of many parallel stories. Today's cities cannot be understood without the input of visionary architects who have led the way and inspired many architects who have come after. But some visionaries have gone further. Were they dreaming about the cities of the future?
In this talk, Marcelo Marcelo von Schwartz, the photographer of Bangkok Dreamscapes exhibition will lead you into a journey of the history of dreams, fantasies, utopias, and dystopias of architects who dared to build another history of architecture, following by Bangkok Dreamscapes exhibition tour.

Bangkok Dreamscapes photography exhibition is open for visitors until 17 February 2021 at Galleria 3, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok. Admission is free.