The Delicacy of Nature

11 March - 18 April 2021

Venue: Galleria 3, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok

When was the last time you sat in a garden, took a walk along a beach, or visited a national park? While the rapid change of technology has, in so many ways, brought people closer together, it feels like we are separated from nature.

Supmanee Chaisansuk is a Thai artist preoccupied with nature. ‘The Delicacy of Nature’, her 12th solo exhibition, is an invitation to take a deeper, closer look into complexity of nature at a microscopic level, something you might not have grasped before. 

During last year’s lockdown, Supmanee, much like millions of people around the world, felt disconnected from her circle of friends. However, it allowed her to spend more time at home alone examining her own garden in greater detail. Taking note of the surfaces of plants, flowers, insects, and animals in her garden, Supmanee was drawn to the delicacy, textures, and fibres that connected, creating its own network. The incredible creations of nature not only amazed her but also comforted her. In the garden she felt peaceful and no longer alone.

Just like looking through a magnifying glass, with her paintings Supmanee is able to zoom-in to see the microscopic elements, shapes, structures and movement of nature. Her paintings capture this delicacy in the colourful semi-abstract forms for which she has become so well known. Her imagination connecting her with nature on a subconscious level. With ‘The Delicacy of Nature’, Supmanee hopes visitors will be inspired to think about the environment, finding peace through nature as she has done.

About The Artist

Supmanee Chaisansuk gained a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. After graduating, Supmanee worked as an architect for 11 years before pursuing her passion as a full-time artist. Being surrounded by a nature from a young age cultivated a deep appreciation of the environment. This has become a rich source of her artistic inspiration. Supmanee painting technique is to mix water into the paint (both watercolor and acrylic) to represent flowing and movement of colour and water. For her it represents freedom and nature.

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