5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss 365º

At River City Bangkok in May, 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss 365º  that takes you on a journey through the last centuries most memorable, inspiring and life-changing moments.

1. A great escape through the world of absurdity and imagination

Entering the exhibition rooms, you will discover spectacular photographs each in its own light-box.  The exhibition name, ‘365°’ (365 degrees) refers to Recuenco’s thoughts about the world and travel. It’s a humorous, sometimes cynical, often optimistic view of the world.

2. Come face-to-face with the work of an international fashion photographer

Eugenio Recuenco is a Spanish photographer who has spent his lifetime collaborating with leading fashion brands like Loewe and Yves Saint Laurent and magazines such as Vogue, Madame Figaro, Vanity Fair and GQ.

3. Test your knowledge of the world’s most life-changing events and art.

For the past eight years, Eugenio has dedicated himself to this project. He and his production team of 300 staff have transformed the intriguing moments in time into the most stunning photography. Every picture was crafted from his thoughts. A must for photographers and lovers of photography.

4. Step into the photograph

In this exhibition everyone can be a model. Take up your position inside 11 life-size sets and get your friend to snap a photo. Dress up and enjoy yourself!

5. Time travel through the world’s best creative endeavours 

Visiting an art exhibition is a great activity if you want to gain knowledge outside the classroom. Human creativity, art, world history, film, science and more… 365º will not disappoint!

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Also available at The Gallery Shop (1st floor of River City Bangkok) and BACC Shop (5th floor of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre)