Behind the scenes of ‘The Outsider Art of Bill Bensley’
Best known as an architect, interior designer and landscape designer who has brought to life over 200 resorts, hotels and palaces in more than 30 countries. Bill is also a gardener, fisherman, lover of all things natural, and most recently, an artist, for which Bill considers himself an outsider because he was not traditionally trained in fine art, and therefore sees the art world through a different lens. Bill found this passion four years ago and soon began practicing wherever he went – aeroplanes, site visits, on the back of menus; drawing hundreds of portraits on-the-go. This escalated during COVID as he suddenly went from travelling 30 weeks a year to not travelling at all.

Now on any given day Bill is painting in the early hours of the morning before heading to his design studio BENSLEY, where he works with his team of 150 interior designers, architects, landscape designers, artists, and graphic designers. Also in his studio is Bill’s other half, Jirachai and their six Jack Russells. Together the team creates the best sustainable luxury hospitality experiences in the world.
Most weekends Bill can be found painting at his Bangkok jungle home, ‘Baan Botanica’, working on huge canvases which explore Environmentalism, Pestilence, Racism, and the idiosyncratic behaviours of the LGBTQ community, and his Dreams.
Through the River City Bangkok exhibition, ‘The Outsider Art of Bill Bensley’ shows the world through his eyes as a designer, a lover of nature, an artist, and storyteller. A true expression of the unique and enchanting person that Bill is: humorous, unapologetically colourful, dizzyingly fun, surprising and always full of heart.