Bill Bensley is a jack of all trades - with a new notch on his belt!
Having delved into the worlds of architecture, landscaping, interior design, fishing and even writing, Bensley is now adding the fine arts to his already impressive skill set. Unbeknownst to many, painting did not quite come naturally to Bill, having only discovered a passion for it over the last three years.

Inspired and taught by his dear friend and Caribbean-based artist, Kate Spencer, Bill picked up his paintbrush and easel, and fell down the rabbit hole. After four years - and several painting holidays with Kate, Bill now draws and paints wherever he goes, and whenever he has a minute to spare - on aeroplanes, site visits and even on the back of menus!
Bill has developed a fauvist style, bursting with beautiful bold colours, delightful forms, often a touch of humour, and his trademark gift for storytelling. As someone who was never a student of the fine arts, he considers himself an "Outsider" to the arts scene but is very excited to see where it will take him.
During 2020 when his travel was cut down from 30 weeks in the year to none, Bill was able to devote all his spare time to his newfound passion. He currently has a collection of nearly 100 paintings and countless sketches - the paintings ranging in size from around 50x50cm to over 3 metres! These often mix mediums, from watercolour to acrylic, oil and pastel, even passing through collage. Bill often arrives at the office on a Monday morning having painted a new painting.