Buy a Bensley painting and support the environment

Bill Bensley, a life-long environmentalist, is using his passion for art to support conservation and philanthropic efforts in Cambodia.

For many years now he has been working hand in hand with the Shinta Mani Foundation and the Shinta Mani Hotels, which Bill designed. Every time a guest stays at a Shinta Mani Hotel, 5% of their room rate is donated to the Foundation - and used to create clean water wells, build homes and offer free healthcare to people in need, create business micro loans, and funds the Shinta Mani Hospitality School, training young Cambodians in 5 star hospitality.

Before being an architect or interior designer, Bill’s first calling was as a landscape architect, where he was taught to protect Mother Earth. Six years ago he bought a parcel of land in the Cardamom forest to save it from poaching and logging, and began working with the Wildlife Alliance, who patrols the forest and has the authority to prosecute illegal poachers and loggers by law. Their hard work is funded by Shinta Mani Wild, a unique luxury camp at the heart of the Cardamom forest where guests can be on the front lines of conservation. The camp was built without cutting down any trees, and is staffed by locals, many of them ex-poachers who had few opportunities; they built Shinta Mani Wild and now are trained hoteliers thanks to the Shinta Mani Hospitality School. 

A minimum of 80% of sales proceeds from Bill Bensley’s art, through both auction and exhibition, will be donated to Shinta Mani Foundation and Wildlife Alliance, supporting their work in wildlife and nature conservation, and helping change the lives of people in need.