Interpreting 365’s May 11 photograph
May 11 is the birthday of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, famed for his paintings of melting clocks that symbolise the passing of time. The artist was born in Spanish town of Figueres on this day in 1904 and is Eugenio Recuenco focus for the 365 exhibition opening at River City Bangkok this week.

The installation for May 11 was inspired by “Young Woman at a Window”, an oil on canvas painting created by Dalí in 1929. It was one of his early works. The model in the painting is his younger sister, Ana Maria standing by a window while spending summer holidays with family in Cadaques. It is a juxtaposition of geometrical form of the cubist window, the purity of seascape from afar, and Ana Maria’s curvaceous form.

Explaining his creation, Eugenio explained “It was interesting to try to match the two rooms. It was really challenging to light the picture without a hole in the back wall. The window and curtains are made out of paper which we stuck to the wall.”

365º is not only a spectacular back-lit photographs, one for every day, but also there are many intriguing collections of stories.

Explore more at 365º exhibition. Early bird tickets are available until 31 May 2021 on, the Gallery Shop on the 1st floor at River City Bangkok 

With limited capacity of visitors in response to Covid-19 prevention, this major exhibition is open to public from 1 June until 15 September 2021 at RCB Galleria, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok.

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