Decoding 365º - Magritte and the photograph of 5 June

June 5’s photograph at River City Bangkok’s newest exhibition, 365º is a recreation of the painting ‘Le Fils de l’Homme’ (The Son of Man) painted by the Belgian surrealist artists, Rene Magritte in 1964.

Magritte’s painting is a self-portrait showing him wearing a dark suit and a bowler hat. His face is mostly obscured by a green apple magically hovering in front of him. However, his eyes can be seen peeking over the edge of the apple.

Magritte’s painting reflects human’s subconscious desire to see things that have been hidden from sight. He once said about this painting: “ Everything we see hides something... There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.”

But here’s something you may not have known. The green apple was an ongoing motif in Magritte’s work. He used it in the 1966 painting ‘Le Jeu De Morre’ which is owned by Paul McCartney and which later inspired the name and brand of the Beatles’ record company, ‘ Apple Corporation’.

365º by Spanish fashion photographer, Eugenio Recuenco is 365 back-lit photographs one for every day of the year. There are also 11 photograph sets for selfies with your friends.

Open for private viewing with the limitations of 20 visitors at one time. The tickets are at,, The Gallery Shop, 1st floor, River City Bangkok.

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Please note masks must be worn and social distancing adhered to.