#UNBOXING36 the photographs refered to the art world
Visit 365º exhibition and you will find 365 photographs, one for each day of the year, each with its own light-box. Many of you might not know that Spanish fashion photographer, Eugenio Recuenco who created the exhibition graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. Therefore, some of the photographs are inspired by the artworks of world-famous artists.
The selected photographs referred to the artworks of the world-famous artists will be shared throughout the month of July. Please stay tuned.
14 July – A photograph referred to Frida Kahlo. Why this photograph is about Frida Kahlo? We will let you know.
15 July – ‘The Third of May’ is a painting by Spanish artist, Francisco Goya and it is the inspiration for this day.
25 July – It is a recreation of the painting ‘Ophelia’ by British artist, John Millais.
Come and see all photographs that refer to the art world at 365 º.
Moreover, you can get to know what lies behind those 365 photos in lightboxes by joining a guided session on weekends.
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Sunday (2 sessions) at 2 pm. And 5 p.m.
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